Sex dolls are becoming more and more popular these days. As a result, there are unfortunately more and more fake sex dolls in circulation. Ideally, only buy from a verified dealer and do not fall for fraudulent dealers.

Realistic cost of a sex doll

Of course you don’t want to pay too much for your lifelike sex doll. However, it is also important to know that it is almost impossible to buy a real sex doll for less than 400 euros. Sex dolls are of course available to buy in very different price ranges. However, even the dolls in the lowest price range will cost between 400 and 600 euros. So if you see a sex doll somewhere online at a cheaper price, we ask you to think twice about whether it might be fake. Unfortunately, it often happens that you order a doll from a fraudulent retailer and never get your money’s worth. So always be wary of unbelievable stunt prices or unrealistically high discounts. If you think it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

Choice of sex doll brand always recommends that you buy a sex doll from a well-known brand at an authentic retailer. The best-known brands in the lifelike sex doll sector are WM Doll, DutchDoll, 6YE Doll and Firedoll. All of these brands have a very good reputation and only sell high-quality sex dolls. Of course, there are countless brands in the sex doll sector. In addition to the brands already listed, you can of course also choose dolls from other brands. Just make sure you always check whether the dealer is authentic.

Why is a fake sex doll not as good as a real one?

As you can already imagine, there are some huge differences between a real sex doll and a copy. Images of well-known brands are often used for fake sex dolls to make them look real. If you see a WM Doll sex doll in a picture on a fraudulent website, this does not necessarily mean that you will actually receive a lifelike sex doll from this brand. Furthermore, a counterfeit doll is often made from lower quality materials. In general, most sex dolls are made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) or silicone. Even if counterfeits are often made of the same material, there are major differences. Most copies are of poor to very poor quality, with the main difference being the quality of the TPE. In most cases, high-quality TPE is thicker than inexpensive TPE. Most copies are made of such thin material that they are translucent. Furthermore, cheaper TPE is not as supple and less stretchy. As a result, the movement of your sex doll is significantly restricted in a fake and your sexual experience will be less realistic. In addition, the appearance of a fake sex doll is less realistic than that of a real doll. Copies of real sex dolls are often made to save as much money as possible. This means that there is often a lack of attention to the small details. In the end, you can clearly see the difference between a real and a fake sex doll.

How to avoid buying a fake sex doll

  1. Read reviews on Google thoroughly
  2. Don’t fall for incredibly low prices
  3. Check whether the sex doll is supplied with a certificate of authenticity (essential for WM Doll)
  4. Check the spelling and language on the website (especially in the product description)

Certificate of authenticity

A certificate of authenticity is a written declaration of the authenticity of a lifelike sex doll. This option is not available for all brands, but it is very common for premium brands such as WM Doll and SE Doll to send sex dolls with a certificate of authenticity. This declaration of authenticity contains the following information: Name of the product, certificate number, product code/serial number. This way you can easily find out whether you have received a real sex doll or a copy. If you buy from an online retailer and they do not offer you a certificate of authenticity for one of these brands, please be careful! In this case, we strongly advise you not to make a purchase.