RF Doll offers affordable sex dolls that are ideal for consumers who want to get to know a lifelike sex doll for the first time. With realistic designs and a large selection, there is a suitable model for almost every customer. RF Doll emphasizes discretion and customer satisfaction and strives to meet the needs of every customer. With attention to detail and craftsmanship, the dolls offer lifelike sensations that bring fantasies to life and enrich intimate moments.

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Sex doll Safira | 158 cm

In stock

Original price was: € 1.050,00.Current price is: € 550,00. Incl. BTW

Sex doll Yara | 158 cm


In stock

Original price was: € 1.050,00.Current price is: € 575,00. Incl. BTW

Viviènne sex doll | 158 cm


In stock

Original price was: € 1.050,00.Current price is: € 575,00. Incl. BTW

Maeko sex doll | 157 cm


Available on backorder

 950,00 Incl. BTW

RF Doll: Affordable quality

RF Doll offers a range of affordable sex dolls that allow them to fulfill a variety of customer requests. Whether you are looking for a blonde, a brunette or a redhead, RF Doll has the right model for you. With different lengths, sizes and builds, you can easily choose your perfect companion to fulfill your fantasies and desires.

Exceptionally low prices

One of the outstanding features of RF Doll is its extremely affordable price. Compared to top brands such as DutchDoll, WM Doll and AK Doll, RF Doll offers sex dolls at significantly lower prices. This allows customers to enjoy an intimate and pleasurable experience without a large financial investment. Despite the lower prices, RF Doll has not compromised on the basic requirements of quality and realism and offers its customers excellent value for money.

Availability in Doll.store stores

RF Doll has a close partnership with Doll.store, a well-known specialist store for sex dolls and related products. Many RF Doll models are in stock in the various Doll.store stores, so that customers have the opportunity to see and feel their dream doll in person before buying. This gives customers an extra level of confidence and satisfaction, as they know they are getting exactly what they expect.

Excellent price-performance ratio

Although RF Doll is offered at a lower price compared to the top brands, the quality of the sex dolls is still high enough for most customers. Although the workmanship and materials are not on a par with more expensive competitors, the dolls are still expertly designed and offer a realistic experience that meets the needs of most customers. RF Doll is an attractive choice for those looking for an inexpensive introduction to the world of sex dolls.