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WM Doll – Only the very best quality

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About WM Doll

WM Doll is a brand that has been selling premium sex dolls since 2005. This brand is the market leader in the field of lifelike sex dolls. The focus on sex dolls at WM Doll emerged around 2010 and since then the brand has become well known for high-quality love dolls. The brand has decided to only produce sex dolls made of TPE in the future. TPE is an abbreviation for thermoplastic elastomer. Most sex dolls are made from either silicone or TPE, with TPE clearly being the cheaper option. The great thing is that TPE is no less good as a result. The sex dolls from WM Doll are known for an amazing level of quality and a really fine finish. WM Doll is a truly innovative brand that has dominated the entire lifelike sex doll market in recent years. The employees of this brand are constantly striving to produce better products. You are guaranteed not to be disappointed by the quality of WM Doll’s premium love dolls.

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Certificate of authenticity

After reading this headline, you may be wondering what a certificate of authenticity is and why you actually need one. A certificate of authenticity is a written declaration of the authenticity of your premium sex doll. Unfortunately, there are many counterfeit WM Doll love dolls in circulation. Of course you want to be sure that you are getting an authentic WM Doll when you make your purchase. That is why we only ship WM Doll dolls with a certificate of authenticity. Every model of this brand is shipped from with such a certificate.

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Why does the price of the different models vary so much?

There are a number of different reasons for the price difference between models:

  • Many importers from Europe buy WM Dolls by the piece. This is why these importers often pay an additional 250 euros in shipping costs, which are then passed on to you as the customer.
  • In addition, there are some suppliers on the market who offer fake sex dolls for little money. There are also some sellers who offer used sex dolls or outdated models.