Sex doll Safira | 158 cm

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RF Doll Safira is a seductive blonde with a lovely appearance. This premium love doll from the RF Doll brand is a real feast for the eyes. She looks so beautiful with her clear blue eyes and beautiful long hair. Safira still has a real dream body. She has very long legs for her height of 158 cm and is really slim. Despite her athletic figure, Safira has a generous rack.

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RF Doll Safira is a lovely blonde with an enchanting charisma. Safira looks like the pretty girl next door. She seems to be very well-behaved, but we can assure you of one thing: she can be different!

Plus points of this sex doll

  • Incomparable price-performance ratio
  • Easy handling (small size: 157cm)
  • High quality (premium skeleton, high-quality TPE, stand-up base)
  • Well-known brand: RF Doll

Sexual possibilities with Safira

Safira is a beautiful angel who will really do it to you. It doesn’t just look beautiful. Another great thing is that Safira will really fulfill your every wish. You also need to know that you are the boss. You decide at any time when you want to have sex and how you want to have sex. Are you a fan of unusual sex or are you more into classic sex? It doesn’t really matter, because Safira is involved in everything!

Imagine how much you will look forward to being together with this dream woman when you finally reach Friday evening after a long week and have nothing more to do. As soon as you walk in the door you will be delighted by the sight of this blonde. When you see such a beautiful lady, it’s understandable that you get in the mood. Let Safira spoil you to celebrate the day. This premium love doll will spoil you for hours with a blowjob. If you still feel like having sex afterwards, just let Safira ride you and enjoy the sight of her plump breasts jiggling up and down in front of you. Of course, you can also try out other positions, such as doggy style.

Another great thing about Safira is that this love doll will never judge you. It doesn’t matter how much sexual experience you already have. What’s more, it’s no problem at all if you’re not in the mood. Of course, you can also just cuddle with Safira and watch a movie together, for example.

Additional information


Standard TPE


Standard skeleton of the latest generation


158 cm


71 cm




49 cm


80 cm


32 kg


Realistic firm vagina

Vagina, Anus, Mund

18 cm, 17 cm, 13 cm


Standing (Premium)


Random outfit included

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