With lifelike sex dolls, you can choose from many different options. On this page you will find all the options and a corresponding explanation.

Standing foot

At Doll.store you have the option of buying your sex doll with a standard foot or a standing foot (foot with built-in standing function). A sex doll with a standing base is often more advantageous, as it makes it easier to move your sex doll and stand it upright, for example. It is also possible to try out numerous sexual positions with a lifelike sex doll with a standing foot.

Premium skeleton

You can buy sex dolls at Doll.store with either a standard or premium skeleton. With a premium skeleton, your sex doll is both more stable and much more flexible. The additional hinges on the skeleton make it possible to move your sex doll in all kinds of ways. A lifelike sex doll with a premium skeleton is a great option for you if you plan to use your doll for photography.

Skeleton for the hand

You may be wondering why you could use an extra hand skeleton for your sex doll. This additional option enables even more realistic movements for your sex doll’s hand.

Gel breasts

There are sex dolls with different types of breasts. These include standard breasts, hollow breasts and gel breasts. Gel breasts definitely look the most realistic and also feel the most natural. Gel breasts allow you to have an even more realistic experience with your sex doll.

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Vagina type

All brands offer sex dolls with both a fixed and a removable vagina. In the past, sex dolls were often offered with a removable vagina, as this was supposed to be easier to clean. In the meantime, it has become clear that a firm vagina is just as easy to clean if you use a vaginal douche (intimate shower). In addition, a fixed vagina is much more realistic than a removable vagina.

For these reasons, we supply all stock models with a fixed vagina as standard, which includes a vaginal shower.

Built-in tongue

At Doll.store you can now also get premium sex dolls with a built-in tongue. Find out how different kissing with your sex doll feels thanks to the built-in tongue. You will also experience a completely different kind of pleasure during a blowjob from your lifelike sex doll.

Artificial penis

If you would like to have fun with your sex doll and your partner, an artificial penis may be a good idea for you. Bring more excitement into your life with an artificial penis! This option is interesting for both women and men.

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Body painting

Would you like to give your sex doll your own character and customize it completely? Then strike now at Doll24 and order additional body paint for your sex doll. You can order body paint from us and add small details to your lifelike sex doll to make it look even more human. For example, draw veins, moles or freckles on your doll. So you can create a love doll that only you have. This option can be very interesting for you if you find women with freckles cute, for example.

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