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Why buy a Firedoll sex doll?
There are several reasons to choose a love doll from this brand. If you are looking for a doll of the very best quality but don’t want to pay too much, then this is the brand for you. Did you know that sex dolls from Firedoll are comparable in quality to models from top brands such as WM Doll, despite their significantly lower price?
In this article, we explain everything you need to know about the Firedoll brand.

Extremely soft and realistic skin
Even though almost all brands make sex dolls from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) or silicone, there are still major differences between the various brands.
Each supplier of sex dolls uses its own formula, which means that the properties of different brands vary greatly. According to most customers, the TPE used by Firedoll is comparable to the much more expensive WM Doll brand in terms of softness and elasticity.

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High-quality skeleton
Firedoll offers two different types of skeletons:
  • Standard skeleton
  • Premium skeleton (also called EVO skeleton)

With Firedoll, as with other more expensive brands, you have the option of opting for a premium skeleton. This offers several advantages over the normal standard skeleton. Our customers were so enthusiastic about this skeleton that we decided to make it standard on all Firedoll models from last year.
With the EVO skeleton, you can make your sex doll perform movements that are very similar to those of real people. In addition to the excellent mobility of this skeleton, its flexibility is also much better than that of skeletons from other brands. Furthermore, this skeleton is generally of a higher quality than a standard skeleton. This guarantees that your sex doll will last longer.

Looks the same in real life as in the pictures
With Firedoll, you can be sure that you will receive a model that looks just like the pictures on our site. At FireDoll you will receive the model as shown in the photo.

There are two reservations here:
The wig of the sex doll in the pictures on our site has been upgraded to a premium wig in some cases. This means the wig will last longer. This improved wig is almost identical to the wig pictured. This means that the wig will look almost exactly like the wig in the original picture when your order arrives. Only the quality is even higher.

Furthermore, all Firedoll brand models are supplied with a standing base as standard. This offers enormous advantages compared to a standard foot. However, some pictures may show the version with a standard foot. Do not be confused here. All models of this brand are guaranteed to be supplied with a standing foot.

Firedoll is one of the cheaper brands, but you won’t see that in lower quality. Compared to other premium real dolls, the number of quality deviations is zero in our experience. Although Firedoll is one of our best-selling brands, we have not experienced a single quality deviation in the entire past year.

Discreet packaging
The shipping and delivery of your sex doll is completely anonymous. The packaging is neutral and has no logo or company imprint.

Your doll will be delivered in packaging that looks like this.

There is no indication of the contents of the packaging.
As an additional measure of discretion, we will never list or Firedoll as the sender.

Verpackung von Sexpuppen
Foto einer diskreten Verpackung, in der Sexpuppen verschickt werden.

Delivery time
Like all major brands, FireDoll ships most models within 2-3 working days. So you don’t have to wait long for your dream woman once you’ve found her.

The models from Firedoll are slightly more expensive than the cheaper models from brands such as DutchDoll. However, you also get a lot for your money. With other brands, you often pay hundreds of euros extra for gel breasts, premium TPE and premium skeletons. With Firedoll you get all these options for free. Especially the price of the slightly larger models is excellent! The Firedoll brand offers extremely realistic designs for relatively little money.

Beware of counterfeits!
Like other premium brands, Firedoll also has problems with copycats. There are already many fraudulent suppliers in Germany who claim to sell Firedoll models but are actually offering you a fake. Unlike WM Doll, for example, Firedoll does not work with certificates of authenticity. This sometimes makes it difficult to check whether your doll is real. We therefore want to help you and give you tips on how you can find out whether you have received a counterfeit.

Here are a few points where you can see that you have a real Firedoll:

  • The model from your delivery looks exactly like the pictures on our site.
  • Your doll will be delivered in packaging as described above (no logo or company imprint)
  • The TPE is very soft (and feels natural) and the make-up is applied with great attention to detail.
  • The packaging material may smell slightly sweet. The doll itself is practically odorless.
  • Firedoll can usually deliver within 3-4 working days in Germany. If a store can’t deliver within a week, you’ve probably got your hands on a fake Firedoll. So avoid ordering from stores that quote an estimated delivery time of over a week for Firedoll sex dolls.

Firedoll Laila | 166 cm


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Firedoll Lisa-Marie | 166 cm


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Firedoll Zora | 166 cm


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Firedoll Sarina | 166 cm

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