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Hooray, your long-awaited sex doll has arrived! It’s logical that you don’t want to damage your sex doll when you take it out of the packaging. We would like to give you some advice so that unnecessary damage can be prevented. Where is the best place to unpack your sex doll? What do you need to watch out for during this process? In the following article, we explain how you can unpack your sex doll safely and easily in just a few steps. Be sure to read this before you start working on your doll.

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1. choose a suitable environment for unpacking your sex doll

When unpacking a sex doll, always pay attention to the following:

Always ensure that you have enough space for unpacking. Move furniture to the side before you unpack your sex doll.

2. open the packaging

Use a box cutter or scissors to open the packaging. A sex doll is always packed in sturdy cardboard packaging. The packaging is additionally reinforced on the inside with Tempex or textile. This protects the sex doll against damage and the effects of moisture and/or high temperatures. Please note that it is important not to cut too deeply if you want to open the package. If you pay attention to this, you run no risk of damaging the accessories on top.

3. remove the accessories and the head

As soon as you open the package, you will see the sex doll’s body wrapped in a plastic bag. The sex doll’s head is not attached to the body and is individually packaged. In most cases, the doll’s head lies between the sex doll’s thighs. As a first step when taking out the individual parts, we recommend that you take out all the accessories and the head and put them neatly to one side. The head is packed in a protective cover. Leave them on your head for the time being to be on the safe side.

4. take the sex doll’s body out of the packaging

When unpacking your sex doll, keep the weight of the sex doll in mind. The weight of a sex doll is highly dependent on the size and body type of the doll. A lifelike sex doll easily weighs over 20 kilograms. You can make lifting the doll much easier by stretching out the sex doll’s legs. This provides more support and stability. When removing your doll, hold the sex doll’s armpit with one hand. You can support the buttocks with your other hand. Make sure you are in a good position and then lift your sex doll out of the box. Once you have mastered this step, we recommend that you place your sex doll on a clean and soft surface. If you have problems with lifting, simply ask a second person for help.

5. attach the head

Put your sex doll in a sitting position to make it easier to attach the head. First remove the packaging material that protects the sex doll’s head. There are two different ways of attaching the head: (1) the quick coupling and (2) the standard screw connection.

Does your model have a quick coupling? Then screw the threaded side into the body first. You can then simply press the head onto it.

Does your model have a full screw connection? Then it is best to screw the supplied box trolley into the fuselage first. Then turn your head onto your upper body.

6. attach the wig

The wigs for sex dolls are very similar to the wigs used for real people. You will find an elastic band and a small hook on the inside of the wig. With the help of this hook, you can ensure that the wig sits firmly enough and fits exactly on your sex doll’s head.

Your sex doll is ready to be used!

If you have followed all these steps, your sex doll is now ready to be used. There are a few more things we would advise you to do. Do not throw the packaging away immediately. If any problems should occur with your sex doll, it is very helpful to still have the original packaging. The cardboard box can also be used to store the lifelike sex doll safely and anonymously.

Do you have any further questions after reading this article? Then take a look at our other tips & tricks first, or simply get in touch with us at any time.


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